Our mission

We want to help micro-merchants

We believe that payments are for everyone, and by leveraging today’s possibilities in a smartphone, we feel that there should be no more need for external hardware when you run your store. We think that everything you need is in your pocket already. We believe that everything you are missing right now is the Surfpay app!

The cashless society

We move towards less and less usage of cash as a payment method, and why shouldn't we? Customers love it since there is no longer a need to carry cash around in their wallets, visit ATMs, or exchange currencies when traveling abroad. But something is forgotten, the problems this brings for the merchants.

According to VISA, there are more than 180 million under-served micro merchants across the globe, who with this new innovation can start accepting card payments without the need for any extra hardware. Simply own an Android device and you'll be good to go.

About Surfboard Payments

Behind the Surfpay app are Surfboard Payments. Surfboard Payments is a Swedish software company with 45 employees based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Chennai, India. The company develops software-based payment solutions used in interactive screens facing consumers. All development has the customer journey in mind, for a user-friendly and identical experience on all devices. The dynamic and interactive screens allow merchants to market their business to the right consumer, at the right time, and at the right place.

Surfpay is coming soon at full scale

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Surfpay is currently available for early access to selected merchants. We have just conducted the first fully EMV-certified Tap on Phone transaction in Europe. We are planning a full rollout later this year.