Surfpay is Coming to the UK!

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Watch out Blighty, Surfboard Payments is coming to the United Kingdom later this year, and we're bringing Surfpay. 

Surfboard Payments, the next generation checkout experience provider, has announced the company's goal to launch the highly anticipated Surfpay app in the United Kingdom. This Tap to Pay app was created in hopes of empowering merchants and business owner's all across Sweden and now, Surfboard Payments' vision has expanded to bring this innovative product across the pond to better the lives of UK merchants. 

Surfpay is a payment terminal app. It works by enabling the NFC chip found on the back of smartphones to complete contactless card transactions, with no extra hardware needed. It has the full functionality of a POS system, but the mobility of being able to access it via any Android device. In addition to accepting all major card types such as VISA, Mastercard, and American Express, the app also allows transactions through e-wallets, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. 

Additionally, Surfpay includes a digital QR receipt feature to render printers and paper trails unneccessary; As well as a real-time dashboard to track daily sales on your phone. To top everything off the app is relatively low cost, especially in comparison to other POS systems. 

Surfboard Payments' venture into the UK market also coincides with an exciting pending patent for offline PIN, which will only further aid merchants and overall improve the checkout experience. 

While Surfpay is currently available on the App Store and Google Play store for those in Sweden, it is only accepting merchants for its waiting list at this time in the United Kingdom. Surfpay is set to launch in the UK later this year. 

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