We want to help the merchants

We want to bring transactions into the future, by leveraging the infinite possibilities of a smartphone Surfboard Payments is able to create a contactless card payment solution app that will change the game forever! Merchants will no longer have to worry about clunky external hardware, low connectivity or high transactional fees to run their store. Instead everything they need will be at their fingertips thanks to our Tap to Pay technology. Surfing into the new digital age, Surfpay is everything that you’re missing!

The cashless society

The world is heading towards a cashless society…it’s inevitable. Getting rid of cash means making the need for paper trails, ATM visits and currency exchanges unnecessary. Using card payments takes away all the hassle, and provides a quick and easy checkout experience. But while the major companies and corporations can keep up with this digital shift, some of the little guys are getting lost along the way. According to VISA, there are more than 180 million under-served micro-merchants across the globe. Shop-owners, freelancers, yoga teachers, and your average, the hardworking small business owner is suffering due to POS systems and their high fees.

Surfpay wants to help bring them into the future with everybody else and even the playing field. Our innovative app leverages the NFC chip on a regular-old smartphone to enable contactless card transactions with just a tap on the back of your mobile device. This means that any merchant or business owner with an Android phone can start accepting payments from all card types in just a few clicks! Surfpay can also help with other areas of your business thanks to our real-time sales data, our digital receipts, and promotional options to help you track, monitor, and keep up with customers for higher retention rates. Surfpay is mobile, easy, and multi-functional, being the only tool you’ll need to keep your business afloat on the open seas!

About Surfboard Payments

Surfboard Payments is the company behind the curtain of Surfpay app. The Swedish software company is made up of 71 employees (and still growing!) based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Chennai, India. Surfboard Payments develops software-based payment solutions used in interactive screens facing consumers. The company creates everything with the customer journey in mind for a better, smoother, user-friendly checkout experience. The dynamic and interactive screens allow merchants to market their business to the right consumer, at the right time, and at the right place.

Security first

Working with payments, security is everything. We are working with the best in the business to ensure the highest level of security in everything we do and offer to our merchants.




Except being PCI-DSS compliant, we are also a licensed Payment Institution in Sweden by the courtesy of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA).


We are also a Participating Organization in the PCI Security Standards Council, working together to secure payment data worldwide through ongoing development and adoption of the PCI Security Standards.


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