Accept contactless payments on your smartphone

Surfpay leverages your smartphone's NFC chip and enables you to receive contactless card payments using your phone. With the all-new Tap on Phone technology, your smartphone becomes your payment terminal.
The first CPoC & PIN solution to be PCI & EMV certified in Europe, that can be deployed at scale
Accept contactless card payments directly on your smartphone
Offer PIN whenever the customer asks for it
Developed for Android 8 and above. Coming soon to iOS
Currently used at selected merchants, full rollout later this year
1. Enter the amount1. Enter the amount

1. Enter the amount

Initiate a payment from Surfpay, enter the amount your customer owes you, and add a description of the items you are selling.

Every item you add are saved so that you can use it the next time you sell the same item.

2. Select payment method2. Select payment method

2. Select payment method

Accepting contactless card payments directly on your smartphone is revolutionary. But, Surfpay offers more. You can activate multiple payment methods in the Surfpay app. During a sale, you can select your customers' preferred payment method and enable them to pay you instantly.

3. Enter card PIN3. Enter card PIN

3. Enter card PIN

Offer an additional layer of security to your customers. When transactions require a PIN verification, your customers can effortlessly enter their PIN and complete the payment.

4. Send a digital slip4. Send a digital slip

4. Send a digital slip

Once the payment is completed, send the digital slip to your customer via SMS or email, or allow your customers to scan the QR code with their phone to receive it.

This is how easy it is

Download the Surfpay app

Surfpay is currently available for early access to selected merchants. We will launch it for everyone very soon.

Set up your merchant account

Once you download the app, set up your merchant account with the easy in-app KYC in a jiffy.

Start accepting payments

Accept contactless card payments along with other payment methods like Swish, Buy now pay later, and more.

Coming soon

Sign up to our waiting list

Surfpay is currently available for early access to selected merchants. We have just conducted the first fully EMV-certified Tap on Phone transaction in Europe. We are planning a full rollout later this year.

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Surfpay is available for phones running Android 8 and above. It will be available in iOS shortly.