Prohibited Sectors

Read carefully our prohibited sectors below. Surfpay cannot be used with any of these.

  • Pornography, child pornography, bestiality
  • Prostitution, escort services, sex clubs, striptease
  • Illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia and illegal chemicals
  • Illegal activities, products, services, replica products and the peripheral
    support (service providing) of illegal activities
  • Weapons and related products/services
  • Body parts
  • Illegal trade in animals
  • Anonymity services & circumvention devices (black boxes)
  • Virtual currencies
  • Cyberlocker & cloud services
  • Travel (prepaid, does not include transportation such as taxi)
  • Entertainment
  • Services/products/memberships promoting hate and racism
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Live stream
  • Medical and dental devices
  • Gambling