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Accepting card payments has never been easier! Surfpay allows you to accept contactless card transactions on the back of any Android phone. With Surfpay, there is no longer a need for expensive card terminals, making it the perfect app for any small business owner or micro-merchant.

  • 1,29% per card transaction
  • Accepting all major card brands, ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, and more
  • £0 per month
  • Including PIN-on-screen for limitless transactions
  • EMV certified for secure payments
  • Digital receipts
  • Export reporting for your bookkeeping


We are currently onboarding merchants for pre-access, so sign up using the form to become a part of our waiting list! 

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Accept payments like never before

The new in-store solution, simplifying your life as a small business owner or micro-merchant

Tap to pay

Surfpay works by making use of the NFC chip in your Android device. With our PCI-certified app you can accept contactless card payments without  the need for any extra hardware


Accept contactless cards such as VISA, Mastercard, ApplePay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

PIN certified app

If there is a PIN challenge on the card transaction, your customer will be able to enter it directly on your phone

Digital receipts

Give your customers a digital receipt after the purchase is done


Get an overview of your sales and export the reports easily to your bookkeeping system


Track all of your sales in the dashboard view, in the app

Export reports

Export your reports from the app into your bookkeeping system

The Surfpay app

Turning any Android phone into a payment terminal. Perfect for any small business owner and micro-merchant. In-store card acceptance has never been easier

Tap to Pay

Accept card-present payments with a tap on your Android smartphone

Multiple payment methods

Let your customer tap their card on your phone or scan a QR code

Digital receipts

Offer the customer a digital receipt and remove the need for any extra hardware


No limitations in the transaction, the app comes with a certified PIN-on-screen solution

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