The Top 5 Best Places to Start a Business In Sweden

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Do you want to become a business owner in Sweden, but don't know where to go? Well, these five different locations are some of the best in the country for entrepreneurs to set down their roots!

Finding the perfect place to settle down and get your new business started can be hard. With so many cities and municipalities in Sweden alone, it’s difficult to know which place would benefit you the most. These five places might not be the most obvious areas of the country to begin your journey, but they definitely have their perks and can hopefully send you down the right track of entrepreneurship.




Perhaps not one’s first thought when choosing a city to start a business in but Vårgårda actually tops supreme according to the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise's (or svenskt naringsliv) annual ranking of the business climate around the country. Being Just outside of Gothenburg it has connections to city life without the competition or hustle and bustle of the urban space. According to surveys conducted by Svenskt Naringsliv, the commune gives great support to their entrepreneurs. Vårgårda even has specialised programs to promote small businesses, including an “innovation society,” meant to lift up micro-merchants, business owners and start-ups alike.  With less than six thousand inhabitants, Vårgårda has a cosy small town feel that could be perfect for any of your future ventures. 




Nestled in the province of Skåne on Sweden’s southern tip, this city is dripping with life and culture. Primarily known as a mediaeval university town, Lund has a wide variety of options for starting a small business. Whether you dream of running tour guides around the city’s mediaeval architecture, starting up a yoga studio or opening a cafe right by the university, the city has consumers ready for you. Where there are college kids, there is always a need for new businesses. And if by chance, Lund happens to be your alma mater, well then the university offers specialised programs for recent graduates to help them jump start their business idea. 




While this northern city might not be the first that comes to mind whilst considering a place to settle down, Skellefeteå is actually on the rise! With Northvolt setting down shop their giant factory, they’ll be needing workers from all over Sweden to move to this unassuming town. With over 2,000 employees strolling in, there will be a high demand for coffee shops, real estate agencies, day cares, yoga studios, dog walkers, and every else in between. It is the perfect place to start a new business because it's an empty canvas with so much potential, and a whole lot of space. Before you know this northern town will turn into a bustling urban city so it’s best to jump on this opportunity soon before it gets too crowded. 




In the midst of a huge expansion, there is so much going on in Uppsala, making it a great potential place to start your new business. Part of the city’s goal for the next few years is to add on two additional districts, as well as bring in new innovation and entrepreneurs. The expansion calls for more real estate which means great opportunities for purchasing shops, restaurants or anything else in between. Uppsala is also very close to Arlanda airport, and Stockholm making it a great destination for tourists and incoming travellers, combined with its university presence there are plenty of potential consumers looming around. 




Gotland is one of Sweden’s largest islands, and hottest tourist attractions. Swedes from all over the country ferry into Gotland each year to cozy up in this quaint, and historical seaside city. Considering the large number of tourists, Gotland always has a lot of potential consumers ready to stop by a quick cafe or store during their holiday. But even when the summer ends, the locals still remain meaning there’s ample opportunity to grow your business all year round. It’s the perfect place to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of major cities. 

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