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The family-owned Skånsk Chili is now able to accept card payments like never before thanks to the Surfpay app. Founder, Sakura Holmqvist explains how the mobility of the app allowed her to increase sales and improve overall customer satisfaction from day one as her team set off across Sweden to sell products to different markets and fairs!

After previously struggling with POS systems, the Landskrona based food-factory, Skånsk Chili, will now be able to accept contactless card payments from their own phones wherever they go thanks to the Surfpay app. After seeing the benefits of Surfpay, the founder of Skånsk Chili is giving us a look into her experience with the app and how it has impacted her business. 

Skånsk Chili is a family-run business built upon the idea of growing chili plants that emulate different spices found in Asian cuisine. The company is in charge of full-development of their products, meaning that they grow, cultivate, package, and sell everything themselves out of their Landskrona factory. Predominately, the different chili sauces are sold online, capable of being shipped to the rest of Sweden as well as, Denmark and Germany. However, Skånsk Chili also travels around to different parts of Sweden to sell its products at markets and fairs. It is at these events that the company handles the majority of its in-person transactions, and has, in the past, had to rely on Zettle in order to accept card payments.

"As a business that only really needs to accept card payments at markets, we didn't try any other systems before now," says Sakura Holmqvist, founder of Skånsk Chili. "but with the Zettle it was always such a hassle."

Sakura remarks on how the company always had to overcome issues in regard to its POS system. Primarily, the biggest concern was charging the external hardware terminal to make sure it was fully active during Skånsk Chili’s trips across Sweden, often forgetting to charge it in advance. The company also suffered in finding good places to connect their POS system while at the various fairs or markets.

"Previously, if people asked to pay by card we would just tell them that we couldn't process it.”

- Sakura Holmqvist, founder of Skånsk Chili

"It became too frustrating, and sometimes even if we did charge it—it wouldn't work," says Sakura. "We would only take payments through Swish, and if people asked to use a card we would just tell them that we couldn't process it.” 

Not knowing that there were other options out there, Skånsk Chili ended up losing out on sales due to not being able to accept card payments at the events. That all changed once the company heard about Surfpay. 

Trying Something New

The founder of Skånsk Chili became interested in Surfpay upon learning that it was accessible through her phone, something that she always carries no matter what. 

Surfpay is a mobile payment terminal app. It works by leveraging the NFC chip found on the back of any Android device to enable contactless card transactions with no additional hardware needed through the Tap to Pay technology.

"I didn't completely understand it at first," says Sakura. "But once I got to see the app a bit, and once I started using it myself, it was really fast and really easy. I was very happy."

Sakura remarks that the app itself was very "simple to navigate," and was easily taught to the rest of her employees. After breezing through a swift onboarding process, Sakura and her team at Skånsk Chili were ready to go and start accepting card payments. 

The Impact of Surfpay

Their first event post-download was drastically different from the ones they attended before. Now the team was able to accept all card transactions from the convenience of Sakura's smartphone and never had to worry about losing out on a customer. They were also able to continue to take Swish payments, now easier than ever from the Surfpay, app. 

With the app, the company was able to increase its sales as well as improve customer satisfaction! 

"All of our customers were really interested in it," says Sakura. "They thought it was really cool and kept asking questions about (Surfpay). They really seemed to enjoy it." 

Besides the general functionality, customers also seemed to be intrigued by digital receipts, a feature on the app that utilizes QR codes. The customer simply scans the code and is automatically sent a receipt to their phone, making the need for a printer wholly unnecessary. 

"For us at the markets, Surfpay is the perfect payment solution"

Overall, the Skånsk Chili team feels very positively about their experience with Surfpay and will continue utilizing the app going forward. They have stated that the company “will never go back” to using other POS systems. The founder, Sakura Holmqvist, recommends the app to any business owner but especially those who travel around with their products and sell to different markets. 

"With our (POS system) it was too we didn't always accept card payments, but thanks to Surfpay, we will always be able to from now on," says Sakura. "For us, at the markets, (Surfpay) is perfect. We're very happy with it."

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